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EDI in Logistics

EDI in Logistics

Many businesses, CEOs, CTOs, CXOs and logisticians either choose to ignore or deny Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) due to the myths around EDI. Many perceive and believe EDI is complicated and sophisticated.

EDI is yet to become mainstream. It has its own set of complaints and critiques. However, whoever used and are benefiting will vouch for its utility and its ability to drive huge savings and efficiency. Increasingly, EDI is becoming popular in the transportation, logistics, and haulage as actors are adapting their systems and procedures to cater for EDI.

EDI, besides cutting the costs related to administration, increases the speed of transfer of data between partners once the initial setup is complete. Speed matters in the Internet era.

EDI eliminates the necessity to manually key information into the dispatch operational and billing system by the dispatcher. This results in saving time and money while eliminating any costly data entry mistakes. This is one of the well received advantages of EDI.

Collaboration is a real time possibility due to EDI. Empty running can be saved or prevented with the collaborative partnerships between lead haulers and potential sub-contractors or between two shippers with EDI, as data flows are efficient, quick and complete on any route.

EDI can provide adequate real time load visibility and efficient data delivery. Companies who are EDI compliant can communicate seamlessly and electronically with all parties in the supply chain process.

EDI is very effective in giving real time information which can act as a feed forward and feedback to the planning and execution processes. By using satellites and associated technologies linked with EDI, one can get the precise location and thus one can plan and change the routes as needed for optimum loading and unloading as demanded.

EDI also helps in building interfaces quickly for both logistics and customer services where multiple actors are involved.

EDI document creation, interpretation, and delivery require a specialized skill set. Such skill set is not available and possible in all countries. For small and medium size companies, in some domains, it is cost prohibitive to set up an EDI data exchange. In some cases, Value added network (VAN) fees can be expensive, and business processes may need to change to suit to EDI.

Our EDI Development Advantages

Many EDI development companies across the world are providing EDI development services. As the company that started and managed by EDI professionals, we offer better service to our clients. You get a real understanding of what all involved in the process.

We provide software solutions related to EDI in logistics and related domains as that is our core competency. We have a wide network of professionals and practitioners in this field.