About Us

EDISquare is in the business to solve and prevent inter-business(B2B) data integration, integrity, and accuracy problems and create seamless opportunities in specific supplychain domains - warehouse management systems (WMS), Transportation Management systems (TMS), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and in the area of Lead and 3PL logistics software and services.

EDISquare has expertise in niche data integration and messaging applications and is actively working on implementing critical message oriented trade networks based on electronic data interchange.

We are continuously designing and implementing new modules, refining various features, adding new enhancements, incorporating suggestions, feedback and testing the same on the field to solve specific industry problems in the areas of Product Receiving, Put away, Shipping, Cross Docking, Yard management, and Supply chain flow optimization.

We strive relentlessly to provide the best featured supply chain software, across select domains, both nationally and internationally. We want to be the real and only the one for EDI in selected domains.

We are focused and choose to be a niche specialty. We are growing as planned.

We resolve companies’ logistical problems and optimize their flows as per requirements.

We are hungry for the qualified and talented professionals to serve our ongoing contracts in EDI, WMS and TMS across various end clients and with us.

We have ongoing openings all the time. We provide you a real challenge and opportunities besides all expected perks and benefits. We can find or create the right opportunities for your talent.